Returning goods

lf the goods have to be retumed because of any failure on Seller’s/Carrier’s side, in every case it is necessary to casually and previously agree with Seller on the conditions of retum. The goods shall be retumed only after the agreement is executed on customer’s cost. Seller will not take over products that were sent to his address by cash on delivery. Also, Seller will not take over any retumed product sent to his address without previous agreement, irrespective of the reason of retum.

Seller is only obliged to receive the product, when Buyer retums it in the original package, without damage, in equal number of parts. lf Buyer already used the product and therefore cannot retum it to Seller in whole package, without damage, then Seller is not obliged to receive the product and reimburse product price. ln such case Seller will make the product reshipped to Buyer on Buyer’s cost.

Warranty, liability

After delivery of the goods Buyer shall send a detailed notification within 14 days in writing on any quantity or quality claims discovered at the receipt of the goods. After this deadline no complaint can be submitted conceming quantity or shipment damages.

For used products we provide no guarantee beyond the general warranty.

The repair in the frame of warranty is to be performed on Seller’s site. For the purpose of repair Buyer is obliged to arrange the shipment of goods to Seller’s site. If the failure is within the scope of warranty, the reshipment costs ofrepaired product to Buyer shall be paid by Seller. If Buyer resales the product, obligation of warranty remains valid between Seller and Buyer. lf shipment costs of the defective product to Seller’s site would be unreasonably high, Buyer can request far an offer far on-site repair. ln this case the costs of travelling to site, local transportation, accommodation, supply will be charged to Buyer, even if the defect is repaired in the frame of warranty. Seller reserves the right to judge the possibility of on-site field work and to reject the request far this job without any reason.

If the delivered goods would be incomplete or fails within the warranty period, Buyer can request far the repair or replacement within a reasonable deadline. The inefficient use or modification ofthe delivered goods in every case results in the loosing ofwarranty. Buyer shall follow the instructions on the installation and use of the goods, and in case of doubt, shall request advice and help from Seller. Any demand exceeding repair or replacement – especially regarding price reduction or other compensation – can only be enforced against Seller if a previous written agreement was executed with Seller.

Liability claims far damages are also limited to direct damages, and to the extent that Buyer is able to prove the serious negligence or wilfulness against Seller.