Payment methods

The price of the product is paid as follows:

  •  ln case the product is taken over personally (on Seller’s site), Buyer shall pay the purchase price in cash, at the takeover of the product or with prepayment.
  • ln case of shipment by a parcel service Buyer shall pay the purchase price of the goods in advance by bank transfer based on a Proforma Invoice. (This is a normal bank transfer, based on the Proforma lnvoice sent by Seller in e-mail.) ln this case the product is shipped only after its purchase price has been credited on Buyer’s bank account. A final lnvoice will be sent at the delivery of the goods.

If Buyer transfers the purchase price of the ordered products before the order is confirmed or Proforma lnvoice is sent, or transfers improperly to Seller’s bank account, then in case of eventual withdrawal from purchase or improper transfer, reimbursement of the amount is possible only if the transfer fee specified in Seller’s account manager bank’s actual announcement is paid.