About us

During our decades in precision parts manufacturing, our company has gained extensive experience in the design and manufacture of static and rotating tool holders.

Using this experience and expertise and keeping the market needs in mind, we are developing and expanding our product range to maximize the needs of our current and future customers.

Our basic philosopphy and one of the keys to our success is mutual respect for each other and our customers, and outstanding quality. From the very first moment, our commitment to high quality and continuous improvement is a defining core value in the production of MAXITOOL tool holders.

Our goal is to play a key role in the domestic and international sales of lathe tool holders. To this end, further goals and developments are floating in our eyes, which we would like to achieve together with our employees in the coming years and further write the history of MAXITOOL.

The philosophy of our company

Customer orientation

The expectations of our customers determine the quality of our products. We want to meet these requirements with punctual delivery, competitive pricing, adequate technical content and related services. Our goal is to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Participation of our Employees

All our employees are essential to our company. Involving them in the decision-making process enables them to exploit their capabilities. Continuing training not only improves employee satisfaction but also keeps and improves the efficient operation of our company.

Continuous improvement

We regularly review our production and logistics processes and look for development. This activity is at the core of our “zero defect strategy”, which helps to reduce our costs.